Laptop Hard Drive Recovery & Computer Recovery

Laptops are being used to store more critical data than ever before. And because of the nature of their portability, they take a lot of abuse. Specialized Data Recovery has the experience in laptop hard drive recovery when data has been lost due to mechanical failures, deleted files and partitions, reformatting, overwriting, software malfunction, viruses, dropping or other impact trauma, fire and water damage. Call us today to begin your recovery process.

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Notebook Data Recovery Specialists

We work with the following manufacturers: Acer, Apple/Mac/Macintosh, Casio, Compaq, NEC, IBM, Dell, Gateway, Panasonic, Fujitsu, Sony, Hewlett Packard, Toshiba and most other brands.

Specialized Data Recovery ‘s high success rate in notebook data recovery includes successful recoveries on hard disk drives where others in our industry have been unsuccessful. Our laptop recovery specialists have the tools and in-depth knowledge in hard disk technology to quickly create solutions to ensure our high recovery rates.

The Laptop Computer Recovery Process

broken laptopIn nearly all cases, Specialized Data Recovery simply requires the hard disk from your laptop. In situations where the laptop has been physically damaged, you can send or bring the entire system.

The Specialized Data Recovery process begins with a call to our toll-free number, 800-422-7111 or 949-724-1795. One of our friendly, expert data recovery professionals will work with you to determine the likelihood of data recoverability and help guide you to the next step.

Your media may be delivered by the method that’s most convenient for you: either ship it to our facility or visit us and drop it off. Once your storage media is received by Specialized Data Recovery, it is immediately entered into our World Class assessment system to determine the recovery success rate, estimated time of completion and firm price quote. If necessary, we will contact you to confirm receipt of your media and to gather further information to help guide our Recovery Engineers.

We will communicate with you throughout the entire assessment and recovery process. We know how critical data recovery is, and want to keep you informed at all times.

Once your authorization is received, your data is recovered and taken through a strict quality control process to ensure that it is now in a useable format to meet your needs.

Your data is then returned to you as per your instructions, usually by courier on DVD or hard drive. Should you select an alternative media for return, additional charges may apply. In some cases, you may wish to have your data returned immediately by FTP Transfer through secure servers, for an additional charge.

Although damage to media cannot always be repaired, we’ve had over a 90% success rate in recovering data for Orange and Los Angeles County customers along with customers across the U.S. and around the world. In the rare occurrence that after exhausting all possible recovery methods, we can’t recover your data, you don’t pay. That’s our guarantee.

Here are easy instructions on how to arrange shipment or drop-off your damaged media. You can always call us toll free to speak with an Expert Recovery Engineer. We’re here to help.

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