The Specialized Process

      1. Complete our free online quote below (or call 800-422-7111) summarizing your data recovery needs.
      2. We will contact you as soon as possible. We prefer to call, but if it is after business hours, we will email you – unless you specify otherwise.
      3. If you decide to have us recover your data, please print and complete the intake form. This is to be included with your shipped drive.
      4. Please ship your damaged media to:
        Specialized Data Recovery
        16755 Von Karman Ave #200
        Irvine, CA 92606
      5. We recover your lost files and return the media files to you in your desired format.
      6. Remember, in the rare instance we can’t recover your data, you don’t pay!


Level 1 - Logical Failure

$199 - $299

This usually occurs as a result of accidental deletion of some of your hard drive’s core files. This does not mean the hard drive has failed and does not require opening up the hard drive.

      • Virus
      • Blue Screen
      • Spinning Wheel
      • Deleting a file
      • Formatting incorrectly
      • Formatting your hard drive
      • Restoring the operating system
      • Damaged tables
      • Unidentified Drive Volume
      • “Unrepairable” Mac Volume
      • Missing Boot Files

Level 2 - Advanced Tools

$399 - $499

This is generally a result of the hard drive not functioning properly but does not require the work to be completed within a clean room.

      • Unreadable Data Blocks
      • Defective Printed Circuit Board
      • Clicking (may also be a Level 3 depending on severity)
      • Drive is slow to read
      • Intermittent reading
      • Burnout
      • Firmware corruption
      • disk encryption

Level 3 - Clean Room

$999 - $1,199

This type of recovery requires opening up the hard drive in a clean room to recover the data.

      • Grinding
      • Constant Clicking
      • Read/Write Heads Crashed
      • Water Damage
      • Damaged disks
      • Motors do not spin
      • No Power / Not Spinning
      • Failed Spindle
      • Dropped hard drives
      • Severe PCB damage

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