Professional Hard Drive Repair

Hard drive repair simply means we are replacing parts (internally or externally) on your failing or crashed hard disk drive in order to extract your valuable data. This is called Data Recovery. Once we repair your hard drive and extract the data we recommend that you do not reuse it. In most cases the hard drive will be unusable. After we perform a successful recovery your data will be provided back to you on a new hard drive that you provide or purchase from us. You may also have the option of having your data provided back to you on CDs or DVDs.

All internal disk repairs performed on your hard drive take place in a particle free environment. This is called “clean room data recovery.” There must be no presence of dust, hair, fingerprints or airborne particles during the process of opening your hard drive and replacing the malfunctioning parts. Most of our competitors don’t take these precautionary measures, that’s why using Specialized Data Recovery for your hard drive repair ensures the highest probability of a successful recovery.

Common Hard Drive Failure Issues We See

Our team of highly-skilled data recovery technicians can recover data from all types of hard drive failures such as:

  • Internal Mechanical Malfunctions and Failure
  • Dropped External Hard Drive or Laptop
  • Fire or Water Damage
  • Power Surges

WARNING: Although there are many software solutions available online promising that you can easily recover your data on your own, it is not possible to do with a hard drive that has internal physical damage. If your computer’s hard disk drive is making any noise whatsoever, TURN IT OFF IMMEDIATELY. Running a computer, laptop, external drive or server with a damaged hard drive can permanently destroy your data!

Remember, any noises such as clicking, grinding, whirling or clanking means your hard drive has internal physical issues. The longer it runs in this condition, the harder it will be to retrieve your data.

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