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Specialized Data Recovery understands that data loss or hard drive failure is always sudden and stressful, and because of that, we pledge to provide you with exemplary customer service throughout your data recovery experience. There are two things we have mastered at our offices in Orange County – how to recover data and the customer experience.

With over 90% success in recovering lost data, we are confident that we can recover your files!

Through our commitment to bring you top quality service, we provide a free analysis of your data recovery needs. Based on your needs, we provide you a free quote. From there, we work as a team and discuss the appropriate recovery method. We provide you updates throughout the repair and ensure you are satisfied upon the return of your data.

Specializing In:

We all know our hard drives have limited lives, but we tend to avoid thinking that ours will crash. And now your hard drive has crashed and you need help. Specialized Data Recovery is here to help.


At Specialized Data Recovery, we use hard drive repair and hard drive recovery interchangeably. Once a drive fails, it is no longer reliable. For this reason, we are able to repair your hard drive to recover your data, but your recovered data must go on a new hard drive. You are able to pick up a new drive and we will restore your data to the drive of your choice.


Hard drive repair may require us to open up your hard drive to work on the internal components. This type of repair may stem from thousands of sources, but some of the most common symptoms that your hard drive needs to be repaired is:


  • Hard drive is clicking or grinding
  • Hard drive is overheating
  • Hard drive is not spinning
  • Hard drive is slow
  • Dropped hard drive


If none of the above symptoms occur, your drive might have failed for no apparent reason. Gotta love technology. If you are experiencing any issues (even those not listed above) with your hard drive, contact us and we will diagnose your drive failure free of charge.

RAID Recovery Services

As your storage solutions are at the center of your business, we understand the impact that a lost RAID may cause.  We are able to service any RAID configuration.


Should you experience any hardware damage to your server, the following steps should be followed to minimize the chances of data loss:

  • Shut down the RAID as soon as possible and do not power on until in the hands of a data recovery expert
  • Do not restore, rebuild or repair the drive
  • Do not run any disk utility, including the Check Disk (CHKDSK) utility


Following the steps above will prevent further damage to your drive and increase the odds of obtaining your lost data.


Contact us right away to obtain your risk-free diagnosis. We will evaluate your drive, provide you with a price quote and the next steps necessary to recover your data. Remember, if we can’t recover your data, you don’t pay!

Flash Drive Recovery

Did you pull out your flash drive before properly ejecting? This is the most common way for data to become corrupted on these devices. While these little guys are durable, they do break/become corrupted if not handled appropriately. Other common causes of jump drive failure includes:

  • Liquid damage
  • Heat damage
  • Dropping your computer with your usb drive still attached
  • Leaving the drive attached, accidentally kicking it and bending the drive


While flash drives are very convenient for the user to transport data, they must be handled with care to ensure your data is safe. Here are a few tips to follow to enhance the reliability of your jump drive:

  • Always properly eject the unit
  • Do not leave your drive exposed to excessive heat
  • Do not leave the drive in your computer unattended

Should you be experiencing issues with your flash drive, contact us immediately and we can provide you with a risk-free analysis.

Laptop Recovery / Computer Repair

A computer is arguably one of the most important possessions that you or your business may own. Without it, you cannot access the internet nor your data and your business is put on a standstill until a remedy occurs.


Common Symptoms of laptop hard drive failure include:

  • Overheating
  • Computer randomly shuts down
  • Freezing or crashing
  • Viruses
  • Excessive noise
  • Computer will not boot


There are hundreds of other symptoms that may indicate a laptop hard drive failure. If you suspect that your computer is crashing, shut it down immediately and contact a specialist to preserve your data.

As laptops are a portable computer solution, they tend to take more physical beatings. If you accidentally dropped your device and cracked your screen, we’re here to help.


Luckily, Specialized Data Recovery in Orange County CA is an industry-leading expert in data recovery for laptops and desktops. We also specialize in laptop screen repair services. Contact us now to obtain your free computer repair analysis.

Apple Repair / Mac Repair

Specialized Data Recovery is the best apple repair specialist in Orange County. Having seen thousands of mac computers over the decades, we can do it all. Some of the more common issues we diagnosis and repair include hard drive repair, apple product makes noises when powering on or macbook pro randomly shuts off.


Perhaps none of the aforementioned issues affect you, but instead you looking for apple screen repair? Do you need a recovery of the internal components of your apple laptop? Is your macbook acting funky and you just want to talk to a specialist?

An OC Data Recovery Professional You Can Trust

At Specialized Data Recovery, we value you and we value your data. Our goal is to provide you with reliable, honest and professional customer service while exceeding your standards in recovering your data. We consistently keep you informed of the progress of your data recovery service. As with any team, feedback is always welcome and encouraged from our valuable customers.


As we provide many services, please contact us if your desired service is not seen above.

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