Laptop Screen Repair

Whether you have a broken laptop screen or just want to upgrade your computer screen, Specialized Data Recovery can help. We are known to provide some of the best laptop screen repair services in Orange County, Los Angeles, and San Diego. View some of our customer testimonials here.


Let’s face it – we all fear the day that our laptop screens crack. This day is so feared because a broken laptop screen is generally a result of our own unfortunate action. Some of the most common causes of a broken or cracked laptop screen include:


  • Stepped on laptop
  • Dropped laptop
  • Store objects on top of your laptop


A simple solution to this unfortunate mishap is to keep your laptop off of the ground. Or if you do put it on the ground (as I do) ensure it is covered by a large object outside of the range of any feet. Under a bed, under the couch, or in a cabinet tend to be safe places that can protect the screen of your device. An additional recommendation includes not storing any objects on top of your laptop. The additional pressure may be enough to crack your laptop screen.

Next question on your mind is how much does a laptop screen repair cost? There is no one size fits all approach to this question. The cost of your replacement screen is factored into the cost in addition to labor charges. For example, it would cost more if you want an LCD screen or any other type of screens that would be considered an upgrade to the standard system. With this in mind, the repair may cost anywhere from $80 to a few hundred dollars.


Have no fear, Specialized Data Recovery is here. Give us a call, fill out our simple online quote, or ask us a question to start your repair process.