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It’s a great feeling knowing that we’re helping the lives of business owners, office managers, accountants, lawyers, photographers, computer/network service firms, even residential customers everywhere. Not to mention saving them countless thousands of dollars by retrieving their lost data and getting their business back up and running.

Here’s a look at some real comments from relieved, beyond-satisfied Specialized Data Recovery customers:

Specialized¬†Data Recovery saved my business. I had lost years worth of data that I could never have possibly re-entered, and I was losing more and more each day that I was down. Your firm was fast, professional, and got the job done right, because I can finally get back to work thanks to your successful recovery. I will forever be in your debt.”
– Southland Mortgage Assets


I want to thank you so much for all of your care, concern, and kindness during what has been a very upsetting incident for our family. Our family’s memories could’ve been lost forever but you had your lead technician taking the time to listen to me, reassure me, explain all my options, and that there was hope. I thought I’d be treated coldly by a big company and instead I’ve had nothing but compassion. Thanks.”
– Carl McKay


Just wanted you to know that we did receive the recovered hard drives yesterday and I have already downloaded the data to our new server. Everything is looking good in terms of the data that we really hoped to get back for our FAA program. Thank you for all of your help and support in getting our data recovered. Please tell your techs a special thanks for the extra hard work they had to do on this job, it is truely appreciated here at the high school. Again thanks for all of your help!”
–¬†Jeff Theis, Atascadero Unified School District


Experiencing data loss was the scariest thing to ever happen to our business. I knew that if we couldn’t retrieve our database, we would have to start all over again, or close our doors for good. Specialized Data Recovery managed to recover 10 years worth of customer records, and to make a long story short, essentially saved us from bankruptcy. I can’t thank you enough.”
– World Network Exchange


I was faced with losing countless days of work that I could never have reproduced. With proprietary sports footage, you only get one shot. If I had lost that data, our company would have been in a terrible situation. I called Specialized¬†Data Recovery, and they immediately gave me the sense that not only could they recover my videos, but that they honestly cared about my predicament. I’ve begun a more ruthless backup procedure than ever before, but I know if I ever run into this kind of situation again, they will take care of me hands down. How’s that for getting one in at the buzzer!”
– Enhanced Sports Footage, Inc.

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Names, logos, and/or comments used with direct permission from each customer.

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